Caleb Loposser
lead Consultant

Caleb Loposser is former United States Air Force Security Forces NCO with deployment time in Iraq. Caleb served six years collecting several certifications including Army SRT. Caleb has five years’ experience as a law enforcement officer and a state certified OPOTA instructor.


  • Special Response Team Operator
  • Bike Patrolman
  • Staff, Non-Commissioned Officer
  • Unit Level Instructor
  • Deployment Protection Operations
  • Corrections
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Drill Instructor

Certifications & Training

  • Basic Military Training
    — Lackland AFB, Texas
  • Security Forces Technical School
    — Lackland AFB, Texas
  • Principals of Instruction
    — Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio
  • Ohio State Patrol Special Response Team
    — Breacher Course, London, Ohio
  • Military Police Special Response Team School
    — Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri
  • Security Forces Craftsman Course
    — Lackland AFB, Texas
  • Airman Leadership School
    — Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio
  • International Police Mountain Bike Association
    — Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio
  • Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy
    — Corrections, Peace Officer & Instructor
  • Crisis Intervention Training
    — MEGGIT Master Instructor

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